Aviation Sector: YEAR 2019

Atif Abbas

Islamabad: The government took several measures in aviation sector to promote tourism and regional connectivity. The measures also include upgrading the system and improvement in delivery of services.


Launching of National Aviation Policy 2019

  • Issuance of Tourism Promotion and Regional Integration (TPRI) License for promotion of tourism and regional connectivity
  • Separation of Regulatory and Service Provider Functions of Civil Aviation Authority
  • Creation of 3200 job opportunities in/under Aviation Division to serve the vision of Prime Minister for provision of employment to the youth
  • Rehabilitation of Runway, Taxiway & Apron at Saidu Sharif, Chitral, Rawla-kot and Muzaffarabad (AJK) Airports for Tourism licenses
  • Ground breaking of New Gwadar International Airport by the Prime Minister on 29th March, 2019
  • Up-gradation of Airfield Lighting System at Gwadar & Quetta Airport
  • Clean & Green Movement at Major Airports
  • Operationalization of British Airways from ISB-UK
  • Up-gradation of Faisalabad Airport completed
  • Installation of Primary & Secondary Radars at Karachi, Lahore Airports and Lakpass station


  • Business plan of PIACL submitted
  • Opening of profitable routes including Sialkot-Sharjah, Islamabad-Doha, Lahore-Muscat, Sialkot-Paris, Sialkot-Barcelona, Multan-Sharjah, Peshawar-Sharjah and Peshawar-Al-Ain
  • Cost reduction measures to lessen the losses of PIACL
  • Operationalisation of 02 grounded aircrafts of PIA to generate revenue approx. more than Rs.6 Billion per year


  • Stoppage of money laundering in different foreign currencies equivalent to Rs.263 Million
  • Smuggling attempts of 53.4139 Kg worth of Rs.343 Million gold were foiled
  • Seizure of narcotics containing 285 Kgs drugs of all kind and 14 Liters liquid Ice Heroin
  • Recoveries of 385 x Weapons of all types and 14027 x Ammunition
  • Establishment of Joint Search Counters for facilitation of passengers


  • Manufacturing of 34 Automatic Weather Station (AWS) indigenously at cheap cost of USD 5000 against open international market value of USD 22000-25000
  • Up-gradation/installation of weather radar at Lahore and Sukkur with collaboration of Japan
  • Automation and Up-gradation of 42 observatories in Punjab and Sindh for fast data sharing
  • Establishment of new weather radar at PMD HQs, Islamabad to gain improved short-range forecasting for 3-10 days.


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