How to shut mouth of media persons, tells MD USC

Tahir Sherani

Islamabad: How to shut down mouth of media persons pointing fingers at selling subsidized commodities meant for the poor under Prime Minister Relief package in open market at higher rates? This is what managing director of Utility Stores Corporation (USC) Umer Lodhi tells top managers, reveals audio message to zonal managers.

‘Give them (journalists) bags of sugar or wheat flour, tells managing director USC to the top officials of the corporation in audio message with a warning to face a music if they fail to control the media.

The media had reported that the commodities supposed to be sold at retail outlets of USC were being sold under Prime Minister’s Relief package. The Prime Minister had announced Rs 6 billion subsidy to provide food items to the poor at discounted rates.

It was also interesting to note that USC had announced increased prices of different items manifold being sold at retail outlets depriving the consumers of the subsidized products. This had also resulted in causing Prime Minister Relief package to nowhere.

According to audio message available with that managing director USC had directed the zonal managers to shut the mouth of the media persons by using different tactics. “If the mouth of media persons is shut down by giving five kg bags of sugar or wheat flour, do it, reveals audio message.

He had also issued threatening warnings to the officials of USC if they fail to stop the stories giving negative image of the corporation. He said that there were thousand ways available in this country to shut the mouth of the people. I am giving last warning, he threatened saying ‘head will roll.

Appointment of MD USC

The USC Board of Directors conducted final interviews during the 150th meeting held on March 22, 2019 and unanimously recommended three names for the post of Managing Director USC. Salman Amin was at first position, Farhan Hasan second position and Umer Lodhi was at third position. However, first two candidates were rejected and government had appointed Umer Lodhi as new head of USC.

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