Afghan forces opened fire on civilians at Friendship Gate Chaman: Aisha Farooqui

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The spokesperson of the Foreign Office, Aisha Farooqui has said that Afghan forces opened unprovoked fire on innocent civilians gathered towards Pakistan’s side of the international border at the Friendship Gate Chaman.

According to media reports, the spokesperson stated this in a statement issued on Friday. She siad that Pakistan troops deployed on the posts were also simultaneously engaged by Afghan posts.

Aisha Frooqui said Pakistan troops responded to protect our local population and acted only in self-defence. It is reiterated that Pakistan Force did not open fire first and responded in self-defence only.

“To de-escalate the situation, the Pakistan side immediately activated both military and diplomatic channels and it was after hectic efforts that the firing was stopped from Afghan side<” she said, adding that it must be noted that the borders with Afghanistan are opened for pedestrian movement and trade, upon the request of the Afghan authorities.

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