Behria Town management locks the protesters in office

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Karachi: As many as over 400 allottees of Bahria Town majority of the Overseas Pakistanis Monday staged nine hours lengthy protest in front of its office in Karachi, one of the protester narrates the story to

Bahria Town Management when failed to disperse the angry protesters locked the protesters in the office and left the office quietly by switching off all the electricity appliances and closing the gates as well. The protesters also using mobile torches in the night and are also in contact with their relatives outside Bahria Town periphery.

The desperate protesters not only contacted the local administration and the local media houses for rescue and help but Bahria Town managed the protest not to be reported in local and social media for the misbehavior and highhandedness of Bahria Town.
Local administration had not yet succeeded to overcome the protesters till the filing of this report.

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