Mon. Sep 23rd, 2019

E-clearance system at ports: Govt to follow Chinese model to clear imported goods

Atif Abbas

Islamabad: The PTI government is working out a plan to follow China in introducing e-clearance system to clear imported goods stuck up at ports.

China has an efficient-e-clearance system to deal with the imported consignments through which these consignments are cleared in very short time. Therefore, it is essential to adopt the same system in Pakistan for prompt and efficient clearance of imported consignments, FBR has proposed.

A large quantity of containers and vehicles are stuck up at ports due to their non-clearance by the customs authorities. Some importers do not fulfil the procedure and criteria required for clearance of imported items which is the main reason for non-clearance of consignments.


According to a report compiled by Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), goods not removed from ports areas within 20 days of their arrival are to be auctioned after issuance of notice to the owner of such goods or to the carrier, shipping or customs agent of custodian of goods.

The manner of auction of such goods is specified in customs rules 2001.FBR highlights in its report the major reasons for consignments not cleared by importers, the procedure for their disposal under the law, current position of pending containers and lots, the performance of customs auctions, challenges faced by customs department in the disposal of unclaimed cargo and way forward.

The report overall concludes that in order to address the problem of disposal of stuck up containers and vehicles at the ports, solution lies in the e-auction management system which will provide an expeditious and transparent system for disposal of the halted goods. In addition to this, additional administrative measures are being adopted to expedite auctions.

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