For sympathisers of Nawaz Sharif

By: Shahzada Ahsan Ashraf

“For those who still have any

sympathies left for Nawaz Sharif

and his clan are advised to watch the latest movie “The Laundromat”.

Not only it mentions Nawaz Sharif by name but depicts the life of such leaders who have robbed countries for their own lavish lifestyles and siphoned off money to “tax havens “with the help of conniving bankers, lawyers and institutions .

It exactly shows how Mossack Fonseca aided and abetted this grand robbery by world leaders and how they ran a network of money laundering through 210,000 fake companies

right under the noses of so called clean Governments of the world . The Sharifs and Zardaris also own some of these fake companies formed by Mossack Fonseca.

The movie’s end shows a very real life situation that happens in almost all such cases ; despite money laundering charges of billions of dollars , Mossack and Fonseca are given bail after a short jail term while all the prisoners serving jail term for petty crimes are left to rot in their cells.

I am afraid the end of this movie will imitate itself in the conclusion of the Panama papers case of Pakistan

The writer is former minister and PIA chairman

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