Govt assures LPG industry to end signature bonus in award of LPG supply

Atif Abbas

Islamabad: The government has assured LPG Industries Association of Pakistan to end signature bonus in award of LPG supply to provide level playing field to the all industry.

First time in the history of the country, the all LPG marketing companies will receive the equal volume of LPG gas from public and private sector LPG producing companies on approved base price of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), said Chairman LPG Industries Association of Pakistan, Irfan Khokhar on Wednesday, while addressing a press conference.

LPG Industries Association of Pakistan was struggling for the distribution of equal LPG quota for LPG marketing companies for last twelve years, the former democratic ruling regimes however seemed reluctant to take such a bold public interest step, however the incumbent democratic ruling regime of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf finally decided to ensure the equal distribution formula to provide level playing field for all LPG marketing companies.

Following the financial and business model of Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL), the federal government seems to provide level playing field to LPG businessmen as eliminating the unjustified bonus signature.

Irfan Khokhar while addressing a press conference maintained that in a meeting with Special Assistance to Prime Minister, Nadeem Babar and federal minister of energy Omer Ayub give assurance to ensure the equal distribution of LPG gas volume to all LPG marketing companies to provide level playing field to all businessmen associated this particular industry.

He said that association will ensure the availability of LPG gas to consumer on OGRA approved base price on monthly basis. He believed that the initiative of federal government will provide a relief to consumer as availability of uninterrupted LPG gas supply on the rates approved by the government. He was of the view that the elimination of LPG industry cartel, more than 200 LPG gas marketing companies will be able to provide cheaper and affordable fuel to consumer particularly the freezing winter season.

Khokhar informed that LPG gas for consumer was available in the country on the price of Rs 400 per Kg last year, however the initiative going to be taken by the federal government will help to control the gas price to provide relief the consumers particularly the people of long distanced and mountainous ranges used this gas fuel. He also appreciated the government to install the LPG gas terminal at Gawadar port, to help out the easy gas supply in the country.

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