Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

Open Letter to PM

By Shahzada Ahsan Ashraf

Mr PM there are some important steps to follow. If taken by your government, these stops would make substantial improvement in the economy. The PTI government has been boasting of taking austerity measures by placing cuts on expenditures. But there is one quarter which has not been touched.

There are employees of utilities, ministers and parliamentarians and bureaucrats who are enjoying utility services without any charge. This is a time that this luxury should be stopped with immediate effect.

Millions of electricity units are drained by WAPDA given to its serving and ex employees just for nothing. This free facility should be stopped immediately. Same is the case with Railways, PIA and SNGPL and SSGPL employees. All facilities given free as reward or whatever must be stopped forthwith.

All perks and privileges given to Parliamentarians as free electricity and gas units, telephone, PIA and Railway tickets, petrol and other facilities in addition to their salaries/allowances should be stopped forthwith.

All free facilities given to serving and retired bureaucrats, retired judges and serving judges should be stopped forthwith. Many free facilities given to federal and provincial ministers should also be stopped with immediate effect.

Stoppages of all free of cost facilities would make substantial improvement in the national economy rather than cutting salaries and other allowances of armed forces officers who are already living hand to mouth.

The writer is former federal minister and Chairman & Managing Director PIA

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