Part 2: Not a theory but a conspiracy

By: Shahzada Ahsan Ashraf

Stealth attack on KSA, Oilfields, leaves an Israel-US collaborative action footprints. Keeping in view the precision, the range, the damage, the response, and after effects it is clearly evident that neither houthi rebel’s nor Iranian Defense forces has the capacity and capability to dodge Saudi US deployed Air Defense system.

Since Iran is already on wartime surveillance of US satellites and radars, not a slightest military manoeuvre can go unchecked, it makes almost impossible for Iran or Houthi Militia to leave no evidence.

Now US offer of defence of KSA, unveils the real objective, total control of oil producing facilities, and greater military presence enabling Israel to advance further its ambitions of control in the Arabian region.

The great game has started.

There are strong rumors that the strikes were undertaken by Israeli F-35 Stealth Fighters with standoff munitions. That is why the radars failed to detect them. The idea behind the strike was to pin the blame on Iran, instigating a KSA- Iran conflagration, causing the US-Israel troops to join in the conflict, and settle the Iran problem, once and for all.

Drones in the hands of the Houthis, with such long range and the capability of evading a series of radars and high tech anti air missiles like the US Patriots defending the refinery, seems a very remote possibility. The precision with which the refinery was struck, also raises many questions in regard to the matter. There is a big question mark in the whole matter.

Such a precise and devastating attack could only be done by the Israeli F-35’s with their stealth capability. Bullshit about they are being drone attacks by the Houthees from Yemen. Not only the Russians but the US and NATO know this. So it is unlikely any attacks will be made against Iran much less declare war on them. Israel’s ploy will surely fail. And they are scared to do it all alone. No wonder the Saudis have called Imran Khan. Interesting though dangerous times for the region.

The writer is former chairman PIA and former federal minister of Industries and production


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