Reema Khan message on March 23 and Corona virus

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Pakistani legendary actress Reema Khan posted a video message to talk about the importance of 23rd March. Reema Khan shared the importance of 23rd March and said, “We celebrate this day with full energy because now we are an independent nation.” She thanked the leaders of this country who fight for the freedom of our country and said, “We are thankful to our leaders specially Quaid-e-Azam because they worked hard for making a separate state for Muslims.”
The actress also shared a video message with her husband, Dr S. Tariq Shahab about Coronavirus saying, “COVID-19 is a disease which has spread in every country. If you’re having any symptoms like cough and flu please consult your nearest doctor.”
“I just want to say this any disease which has spread so rapidly in the world has drastic effects on our economy and our health. We must follow instructions strictly so that we can save our life and others lives,” she further said.
“Keep washing your hands and avoid going out in public,” she added.
Reema Khan is quite active on social media and she is using her powerful platform to educate masses about Coronavirus.

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