Wake up my dear countrymen

By Shahzada Ahsan Ashraf

American CIA with its allies like RAW , MUSAD and Afghan Intellegence agency has started materializing it’s plan of spreading unrest in FATA and Baluchistan along with economic destability that is already there as a result of some corrupt politicians and others indirectly joining hands with theses activists.

This is phase-1. In phase-2, they would try and convert this unrest to a political movement. In third phase when these corrupt ‘Meer Jaffars, would serve them by changing it into a civil War like it happened in case of Libya, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria etc. My dear countrymen, the game is beyond and above our little and limited thinking. Only Chinese are determined to help you because of their Geo strategic interests involved here.

Above all, in the name of Iran what all combat power that America is relocating towards hitting ur region is actually meant for Pakistan not Iran. Once they execute the plan successfully, they would directly hit our nuclear assets under the pretext of seizing weapons of masss destruction with a country that has gone into a civil war and can’t anymore secure and guard their nuclear assets.

گورا آپکو کتّوں کی طرح لڑاے گا۔ جب ھماری قوم کے غدّار کتّوں کی طرح اپنی ذاتی دولت بچانے کے چکّر میں لڑ کے ریزہ ریزہ ھو جائیں گے پھر وہ ان کے بچوں کے سر پلیٹوں میں رکھ کے اوپر سُرخ کپڑا ڈال کے اِنھی کو پیش کرے گا جیسے بہادُر شاہ ظفر کے ساتھ کیا تھا۔

Imagine this horrifying scenario that has been planned and already started taking shape. PTM, BLA are also few instruments. Finally they wud disintegrate you into minimum four small countries permanently shackled by poverty like many African countries.

تُو ھے سمجھاجسے نجات اپنی

وہ ھے سامانِ تباھی تیری

We still have requisite ample time to readjust our wisdom to resist and undo the biggest disaster ever planned for our beloved motherland. We need to wake up and unite against this dirtiest dangerous game planned for us. We as a nation can rise to the occasion and do wonders as we have been doing.

The writer is former federal minister and Chairman PIA

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Almas Hussain shah

    May 31, 2019 at 2:16 am

    Absolutely right America and also their fathers like izrails raw r directly involve to destablize to the respected Muslim country’s specially pakland so in this regard every right nation should to contribute by gating different equations at different stages b/c American, izrails, raw, and jws knows very well through our blenders that Pakistan is that country who has every thing which is very very much for a developed country b/c alhamdullilah Pakistan is God gifted country in all over the world in shape of like oil and gas, agriculture, gold copper ritec fresh fruits four weather so they know that’s why they are trying to make it terrorist country bit by bit in total alhamdullilah Pakistan is very very rich country in all respect and sides

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