Hamdani appointed NPPMC chief

Aftab Ahmed

Islamabad: The government has appointed Syed Ali Javed Hamdani as chief executive officer (CEO) of National Power Parks Management Company (Private) Limited (NPPMC).

As many as 31 applications were received and Human Resource (HR) Committee had evaluated all the applications. The committee conducted preliminary interviews of the candidates in two sessions on February 19 and 25, 2019 and recommended five candidates to the board of directors for the interviews.

Hamdani was also shortlisted for the post of managing director SNGPL but Petroleum division was not comfortable with this because being investigated by NAB.

The board of directors in its meeting held on April 6, 2019 examined all the processes observed and actions taken by the HR committee and five candidates recommended to the board of directors for interviews. The board of directors conducted the interviews of recommended candidates. The board also assessed the candidates how they presented their strategic vision for running the affairs of the company and the skill set including their expertise, sectoral knowledge, leadership, strategic vision as well as communication skills. The board also assessed the expected salary and package demand of the candidates.

Accordingly, the board finalized the ranking and recommended the names of three candidates in order of preference with a view to seek concurrence of the government on one of the recommended names for appointment as chief executive officer of NPPMC. The names recommended for the post of MD included Syed Ali Javed Hamdani at first position, Salman Zakaria and Tauseef H.Farooqi. One of these candidates had Tauseef H.Farooqi had been appointed as chairman NEPRA. Two potential candidates were recommended to the government for the position of CEO NPPMCL.

The monthly package would range from Rs 2,201732 to Rs 2818217 plus other benefits available in the HR manual of the company. Considering that two power plants owned by the company-1230 MW Haveli Bahahdur Shah and 1223 MW Balloki were at the active privatization programme of the government, the clearance of privatization commission was sought for the appointment and the same was given. The government has now appointed.

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