Jazz automatic subscription of DekhoDaily offer minting millions of consumers forcefully

Aftab Ahmed

Islamabad: Jazz Pakistan is fleecing poor illiterate consumers by automatically subscribing one of its services under the name of “DekhoDaily Offer” and depriving the hard earned cash of the consumers by detecting Rs 6 daily on the service.

The plundering of Jazz Pakistan is not stopped here as even the consumer time and again phone call to the call centre of Jazz is not paying any head to address the issue and unsubscribe the offer, learnt on Monday.

Jazz CEO Pakistan Aamir Ibrahim on Sunday presented a cheque of Rs 50 million to the Covid-19 Fund of the Prime Minister, Imran Khan.

Kamran Ali, a regular Jazz Prepaid consumer, complained a number of times to the call centers of Jazz but still deducting DekhoDaily Offer of Rs 6 and to avoid this deduction, he is avoiding to load cash on his number.

Another consumer, Jazz Pakistan bluntly told that Jazz CEO after deducting Rs 6 daily from poor and ignorant villagers, presented a cheque of Rs 50 million to PM, Imran Khan. Actually, Jazz Pakistan is presenting looted money from its consumer and donating this looted money from its consumers to this noble cause of PM Covid Fund.

A villager from Muzaffargarh even called the Call centre of Jazz complaining about automatic deduction of Rs 6 daily from his prepaid Jazz sim but no remedy till to that and still facing the dilemma of deduction of amount.

Another complaint was told by Jazz call centre that there is no key for unsubscribing the DekhoDaily offer by its consumer itself by applying code likewise it did for rest of offers but the offer can only be reversed by Jazz staffers.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Fakhar Zaman

    May 7, 2020 at 12:10 pm

    Yes, same case here I have made calls (lastly called on 6/5/2020 in spite of this deduction continue next day) many times to jazz customer care but the issue remain unresolved. I think this might be modern technological piracy which is remained continue with technical facilitated pieces of advice.

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